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After the student representatives on the CAS Board at SUNY New Paltz were overruled and outvoted, the students attending the meeting began to see that this student inclusion had no meaningful decision making power on the board.  Students attending the meeting held up signs protesting a $300,000 vending machine and the non-transparency of the administration.  The administration called an “executive session” (meaning everyone the board doesn’t want there has to leave), and the students stayed seated.  The police arrived telling the students to leave, soon to be followed by the campus lawyer. After discussion amongst themselves, the students agreed to wait outside the building if they could address the board.  The board said one person could speak, to which one student replied “Wow, what a perfect way to sum up our grievances with the board.”  After multiple students addressed the Board (one saying “If you don’t want to be held accountable for your actions, choose different actions”) they left peacefully and waited outside, where they were greeted by excited food service workers at the door.  The students and food service workers spoke for almost an hour outside, the food service workers having a lot of praise and thanking the students for what they did.  ”We are in a different position, we can be fired for speaking back to the administration. You students were speaking for us there, whether you knew it or not” one service worker told students.  Students and service workers both agreed that they should work together in the future. The vote that was scheduled for the meeting to choose the camus’s next food contract was not held.

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