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Mono No Aware

Not quite grief, and not quite nostalgia in the sense of longing. 
The echo of what has passed and what was loved.
The moment of crisis between seeing the transience of the world with sorrow and regret and seeing it as the very form of the great void.

Anonymous asked: Can you explain why Europeans were much more technologically advanced than the indigenous populations of Africa? I mean, these cultures hadn't even invented sewage systems, which is something the Romans were able to design and implement in 800-735 BC (a long fucking time before "the white man" colonized it)... I mean fuck, without "the white man", they would probably still be in the fucking bronze age.



I don’t really know what kind of history books bigots like you read.

The Great Libraries of Timbuktu? The steel metallurgy of the Haya? Dentistry? Caesarean section? Premature neonatal care? Mathematics, architecture, engineering?

I know it’s hard for a racist like you who imagines “technological advancement” to be some kind of end-all-be-all, or proof of some “inherent intelligence”. I know, I know. It’s hard to imagine, but Europeans have been drawing knowledge from everyone around them since the dawn of time. What did you think ended the Dark Ages?

Your magical (read: white supremacist) idea of a purely 'white' Rome never existed.


The Minoan culture on the island of Crete between 1500-1700 B.C.E. had a highly developed waste management system. They had very advanced plumbing and designed places to dispose of organic wastes. Knossos, the capital city, had a central courtyard with baths that were filled and emptied using terra-cotta pipes. This piping system is similar to techniques used today. They had large sewers built of stone.”

In case you needed further clarification, neither the Minoans nor other (later) Greeks were ethnically uniform. They also had the first flush toilets, dating back to 18th century B.C.E. They had flushing toilets, with wooden seats and an overhead reservoir. The Minoan royals were the last group to use flushing toilets until the re-development of that technology in 1596.

Oh, and look the Mayans had indoor plumbing, acqueducts, and pressurized water too. I mean, you can ignore that the area Mayans lived in had little to few rivers, no lakes or standing water, nor other sources of running water, while simultaneously dealing with monsoons and flooding due to one of the heaviest yearly rainfalls in the Americas.

Classic Maya even used household water filters using locally abundant limestone carved into a porous cylinder, made so as to work in a manner strikingly similar to modern ceramic water filters.

Of course, by this time millenia later none of your precious “white people” had developed any methods besides shitting in pots.

Continuing, the earliest archaeological record of an advanced system of drainage comes from the Indus Valley Civilization from around 3100 B.C.E in what is now Pakistan and North India. By 2500 B.C.E (almost 5,000 years ago), they had highly developed drainage systems where wastewater from each house flowed into the main drain.
All houses in the major cities of Harappa and Mohenjo−daro had access to water and drainage facilities. Waste water was directed to covered drains which lined the major streets directed to covered drains, which also lined all major streets. Each home had its own private drinking well and its own private bathroom. The mains that carried wastewater to a cesspit were tall enough for people to walk through. Reservoirs, a central drainage system, fresh water pumped into the homes. Pools. Baths.
It was made from bricks smoothened and joined together seamlessly. The expert masonry kept the sewer watertight. Drops at regular intervals acted like an automatic cleaning device.

Filters for solid waste.

Sorry, what were the British doing up until like, 200 years ago? Shitting in the streets? Oh yeah.
I mean, I could get into how by the Shang Dynasty (roughly 1600 B.C.E.), China had sophisticated plumbing including pressure inverted siphons.

Or into the city of Amarna, Ancient Egypt. Or Persepolis, Persia and the Achaemenids in 600 B.C.E.
But, I mean, it sounds like the only one still in the Bronze Age is you.




We live in a world that [grows] and is maintained by the unified working of a multiplicity of agencies.
We live in a world that is composed of a multiplicity of entities that are unified through a web of interdependence.

In the infancy of [their] spiritual evolution, [humans are] unable to perceive the hidden forces and abstract principles that unify, the working of the shaping forces of the world, and the entities that make up that world. [They] create therefore a way of life systems of religion, science, economics, government, education, family, philosophy, etc.- that are incapable of establishing and maintaining unity- law, order, peace, harmony- in the world. Thus the world has been plunged, and is sinking deeper, day by day, into the jaws of death.


- Ra Un Nefer Amen - Medu Neter Volume 1, p. 1.

I’d like to hear feedback on this…

"If you hate someone, you hate yourself, you are just missing the point"


"There are 2 mistakes to be made on the path of Truth- not starting, and stopping."

- Buddah

Ghost Words


Definite indefinite articles / Drawing conclusions before—…

Like they knew it would happen / Like they knew he’d been burned alive.

I can’t trust them anymore and I’ve known that for a while, whether it’s the smiling media or a smiling friend.

Once you get to a certain level of awareness in…


there is one design, one song, a uni-verse, and we are all being sung. listen, and maybe you will hear it/me/you/I

The moon has no intention to cast its reflection in the water, and the water has no intention of holding on to the moon after its passed.

If you want to see somebody really say thanks for their food, give some to someone who wouldn’t have it otherwise.


Ben-Jochannan is the author of 49 books, primarily on ancient Nile Valley civilizations and their impact on Western cultures.[2][dead link]In his writings, he argues that the original Jews were from Ethiopia and were Black Africans, while the white Jews later adopted the Jewish faith and its customs.
In 2002, Ben-Jochannan donated his personal library of more than 35,000 volumes, manuscripts and ancient scrolls to the Nation of Islam. #Historian #BlackHistory #Kemet #Afrika


by Danny Quirk

Every rhyme I write the seal get cracked in the chapter of Revelations

A atom gets cracked in the blackness of meditation

Jay Electronica- The Pledge part 4

Set and Separation

Hello lord, it’s me again, I just wanna make love to the whole globe
And all her girlfriends now don’t that make ya mind move
Like smoke patternsme on my way to Saturn wit a bomb

Andre 3000- “Xplosion” -Stankonia (2000)

Saturn in astology stands for limitation and restrictions. Satan is about rationality and logic, using the intellect to govern instead of relying on the Word. The “sat-” prefix originally comes from Set in Kemetic mythology. Translated by the Greeks as Seth and represented as Typhon, Set’s role in the Asaurian Drama (called by the Greeks the Osirian Drama [Ausar-Osiris]) shows how he operates, but its hard to find a good source online, so here’s some quotes from Ra Un Nefer Amen’s Metu Neter Vol. 1 that make the connection and set the foundation for the use of the “sat-” prefix in European language. Just think of how we use the word today; we ‘set’ something aside, aka remove or SEparate it.  We ‘set’ the stage, ‘set’ a date, ‘set’ an alarm, etc.

"Set— the creator of a governmental system in which the lower intellect’s (spheres 7-9) main function is to rationalize the sensual and emotional gratification of the animal spirit (sphere 10)." 124.

"With Ausar out of the way, Set usurped the Kingship, and proceeded to terrorize the world. He created the first empire- rule of foreign power over others- and replaced the system of maintaining social order through moral cultivation with a policing system; as symbolized by the fragmenting of the body of Ausar into pieces, he separated religion from state, education, separated God from nature, from Man, separated spirit from physical matter, the divine from the mundane. In short, he instituted an insidious system of dividing and segregating all things and people from each other and the whole.  He alienated Man from God, the world, and himself." 126.

"This dis-integrating effect …is what enables the person to separate his beliefs from his actions; he worries about his health, yet he smokes and eats junk food… the bible defines him as ‘a deceiver’. It is called Set in the Kamatic tradition. This is the origin of the Christian Sat-an, and even its color, red." 142-143.

"Experience in meditation will reveal that emotions are primarily states of mediumistic trance… what we call anger is a negative mediumistic trance… These negative thought/energy complexes are symbolized as Set and Aupep in Kamitian tradition." 144-145.